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Morgan Kline

Morgan Kline

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The cover image for this project's process book.

Corky Gonzalez Process Book

This reimagining of the Corky Gonzalez Library in Denver creatively utilizes renewable energy and controlled environment agriculture technologies to improve the space for visitors and expand educational and community outreach activities.

By installing vertical hydroponic towers in the windows, the library can preserve the ample natural light and minimize distraction from the street activity and vagrancy in the neighborhood. Supplemental overnight LED lighting additionally discourages illegal camping and criminal activity. Children are assigned individual cabinet spaces with mobile app integration ⎯ ; each outfitted with necessary environmental controls to manage plant growth. All the associated power requirements are sourced from on-site photovoltaic panels installed on what is currently an unutilized dirt patch in the parking lot.

Corky Gonzalez Library






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